Friday, September 26, 2014

Kylie Minogue - Kylie + Garibay

Okay, so we all know Kiss Me Once came out earlier this year and it was partially amazing.  Some of it was on the less stunning side of the pop spectrum, and I'm not gonna pin the blame on anyone in particular.  I'm just saying, we would've been just fine without the Enrique Iglesias feature... and "executive producer" Sia.  But that's all said and done, and there's still a nice bundle of standout Kylie moments on the record.

Now here's the exciting news: Kylie just posted a free EP on the wonderful internet without any prior notice.  It's a collaboration with Fernando Garibay, the man who produced some of Lady Gaga's finest work.  I'm talking about "Dance In The Dark" and the majority of her Born This Way album.  With that in mind, the new EP, presumably titled "Kylie + Garibay", is completely different from Kiss Me Once.  It's dark and hard hitting, with Kylie's vocals left in a somewhat raw state.  The first two tracks are especially stunning.  "Glow" is a song that just pummels you with haunting vocals and a drilling synth, while "Wait" has a fantastic bounce that just fuses to a perfect melody.

Several of the tracks on the four song album were featured in the opening video sequence of the Kiss Me Once tour, which kicked off in Liverpool on September 24.  This means that Kylie + Garibay is more than just leftover material from an unused Kiss Me Once recording session.  And I must say, I find this EP to be far more exciting than the full-length album.  It's a daring and unusual move for someone in Kylie's position.  Why give it away for free when the label could slap together an "extended version" of Kiss Me Once with the four new songs?  She does it because she's Kylie Minogue.

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