Established in 2009, The Soundtrack Of My Life strives to be your number one destination for music news and commentary.  In simpler terms, this is a music blog.  But "blog" is such a dirty word and so 2006.  We much prefer music publication, thank you.

We're the Ziggy to your Iggy.  You're Björk and this is your Iceland.

Founded by writer/editor Preston Nelson, TSoML tries to keep a positive attitude towards music journalism.  You probably won't find any rants on here, unless it's completely necessary (let's be real, sometimes a good bicker makes for a great read).  The featured artists range from some big names to newer acts on the cusp of success.  Each and every one of them is chosen because we love what they do and we think that you should, too!

Photo by Carly Romeo
Creator / Writer / Editor
Preston Nelson

Preston's music collection started around the late nineties in the form of Céline Dion's discography on cassette.  He strongly feels that her 1996 record Falling Into You is a modern classic worthy of that much debated 1997 Grammy Award for Album Of The Year.  When he's not writing for TSoML, he currently spends his days reading punk trivia, scouring local shops for Klaus Nomi memorabilia, studying pop divas, and wondering why he'll never be as perfect as David Bowie.  He also firmly believes that vinyl is the superior media and a nice haircut can propel any hipster band into stardom.  Highlights of his life include chatting with Imogen Heap, conquering the empty streets of New York City on a Sunday morning, and Lady Gaga's performance at MTV's 2009 Video Music Awards.