Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Miracle Of iTunes Home Sharing

If you're like me, you love your music library.  I organize every single song down to its genre, date of release, track listing, etc.  Example: "That song isn't rock, it's alternative.  This one isn't punk, it's ska."  I freak out if a song doesn't have its correct album artwork.  Some people say I have "Music OCD", maybe I do.  Either way, when I got my new MacBook, one of my biggest worries was transferring my iTunes library.

First I tried connecting an ethernet cable between the two computers.  That didn't work.  The computers said it worked, but it didn't.  What the heck.  Next, I tried external hard drive.  Here's a little hint, if you have over 1GB of music, don't transfer it with a 1GB hard drive.  That would have taken several more hours than I had already spent on this seemingly impossible task.  I was fuming by this point because I followed several step-by-step tutorials on this task, they failed.  I started getting mad at people and it all went downhill.

Finally, I discovered my savior, iTunes Home Sharing.  I was able to use Home Sharing to copy every single song from one computer to another over a wireless network.  This practically saved my life.  If you ever get a new computer, you need this.  If I had known about this before, well let's just say I wish I had.  Anyways, follow these words of wisdom if you ever need to transfer a lot of music.


  1. If you have music OCD then I do too! I can't live with myself I accidentally paste in the wrong artwork or I put the artist into the wrong genre - sometimes I get really angry if I can only find the US version of album art lol!
    Thanks for recommending your blog, I'll probably end up following you!
    P.S. Good luck learning the virtuoso piano solo on Muse's "Butterflies and Hurricanes"!


  2. Yeah, I can't stand it when iTunes has the album artwork, but won't give it to me. It seems so close, yet so far.

    Regarding the piano, the solo on Butterflies & Hurricanes is actually the only part I know right now, but it's extremely challenging.