Saturday, January 9, 2010

Adam Lambert - For Your Entertainment

Adam Lambert shocked the US with his debut live television performance.  He performed the title song from his album, "For Your Entertainment".  Many people thought the performance was too suggestive and not suitable for television.  All of this negative attention took away from the fact that he was actually promoting his lead single.  The song is very catchy and has great potential to be a mainstream radio hit.  The song was co-written by writer/producer Dr. Luke.  He's been known for working with the industry's top pop stars.  That's exactly what this song could make Adam Lambert, a pop star.  The songs chorus is comparable to those of many other popular dance and pop singers.  Combine this with the in-and-out pulsing beat, and you have your hit.  I would check out this song if you listen to artists such as Lady GaGa, Cascada, and the many other current dance/electro-pop artists.  Caution, this song is extremely different from his American Idol performances.  Don't expect a heartfelt ballad in "For Your Entertainment".


  1. Thanks for posting a review on Adam Lambert. You completed my request! I'll keep reading your blog as long as you keep writing it, ok? LOL Bye!

  2. i LOVE adam lambert! also i saw your list of favorite music in your profile- you have AWESOME taste in music!!
    also to answer your question about my blog- i don't have titles to my poems or at least not yet!

  3. I love Adam Lambert too, but I wish his album was more like his American Idol performances! Still, Adam is amazing!