Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lady GaGa - The Fame Monster

Many people have named her the best female artist of '09.  She caught everyones attention last year.  Her debut album, The Fame, spawned four top ten hits in the US.  When word of a sophomore album came up, you had to think to yourself, "How can she top The Fame?".  That's where The Fame Monster comes in.  Released in November of '09, The Fame Monster has followed the footprints of The Fame.

The album has a distinct sound to it.  Something between dance-pop and heavy industrial music.  Almost every song is centered on a pulsing beat.  On top of the beats are a variety of synths.  This formula makes the album perfect as a high-energy club soundtrack.  Upon first listen, I found that there wasn't a single song that was "filler".  Each track kept my attention and even more, each song had an extremely catchy melody.  Songs like "Bad Romance" and "Dance In The Dark" have very dark verses, but at the same time contain uplifting choruses.  But the lyrics aren't the uplifting part, it's the melodies.  That is the one thing that is true about all of Lady GaGa's songs, amazing melodies.

The album contains eight songs total.  In today's music industry, The Fame Monster may seem like more of an EP, but it doesn't sound like one.  The album feels very... complete.  I've heard the album several times and there are a few songs that stand out the most.  The lead single, "Bad Romance", is of course one of the strongest songs of the collection.  Another song, "Monster", has the potential to be a huge hit.  It might be my favorite, if not for "Speechless".  "Speechless" is the real deal.  GaGa drops the club beats and synthesizers for a piano.  The song has a very Queen or Elton John feel to it.

The Fame was about, well, fame.  Fame and fortune, that is.  The Fame Monster has darker elements to it.  Lady GaGa has said that it's about her "fears" or "monsters".  It brings together gothic elements and pop elements at the same time.  If you need a a solid pop album that you can also dance to, this is it.  I have a feeling Lady GaGa will continue making hits for years to come.

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