Sunday, January 31, 2010

52nd Grammy Awards Preview

Well, tonight's the night.  The famed Grammy Awards are taking place this evening.  With a slew of awards to give out and plenty of performances, it's sure to be an exciting event.  The one question that everyone's asking is, "Who will win Album Of The Year?".  This year, most of the major categories consist of the same artists.  Lady GaGa, Beyonce, and Taylor Swift are all nominated for the three biggies (Album Of The Year, Record Of The Year, Song Of The Year).  The major competition will be between those three artists.  Hopefully, there won't be a "Kanye" moment.

Who do you want to win an award?  Personally, I hope that Paramore, Imogen Heap, and The Ting Tings win where they're nominated.  As for the three main awards, I would like to see Lady GaGa win something, but Taylor Swift will probably win them all.  Leave a comment telling me who you would like to win...

I'll be tweeting throughout the entire show, commenting on whatever performances or upsets happen.  You can follow me here.  Also, look for a recap post tomorrow.  May the best music win...

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