Saturday, January 23, 2010

The xx - Basic Space

The xx is an indie rock band from London, England.  They released their debut album, xx, in the summer 2009.  They quickly caught the attention of many major music publications and critics.  Some sources (Pitchfork, NME) even put them towards the top of their "Best Of" lists.  All this attention must mean they're something special, right?  I listened to their song "Basic Space" to see for myself.

First of all, the song is very low key.  It's not distorted or heavy, very smooth.  The back and forth male-female vocals work very well.  The song definitely isn't my "usual playlist" kind of music, but that doesn't mean it's bad.  I actually like the song quite a bit.  It's very recognizable and stands out in it's genre.  I also like the guitar that plays along with the melody, it adds a lot to the song.  In my reviews I usually say, "Give it a listen if you like...", but honestly, I can't find a single artist to compare The xx to.  That's something every artist should strive for.

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