Thursday, June 16, 2011

Skylar Grey - Dance Without You

Whether you realize it or not, over the last five years, you've heard Skylar Grey's voice.  The singer and songwriter previously went by her birth name Holly Brook, when she sang the hook to Fort Minor's chart topping 2006 single, "Where'd You Go".  She went on to release a solo album under the same name.  Unfortunately, that album failed to create much buzz.

Flash forward to 2010.  Holly is now known as Skylar Grey, and she's written one of the year's biggest songs, "Love The Way You Lie".  Over the last year, her voice was plastered across radio stations due to her ability to sing an incredibly catchy chorus.  She showcased this on Diddy-Dirty Money's "Coming Home" and "I Need A Doctor" with Dr. Dre and Eminem.

Earlier this month, Skylar released "Dance Without You", a solo track.  It's the first single from her upcoming album, Invinsible.  The song isn't a hip-hop single.  It's less conventional for Top 40 radio with distorted guitars and a beat that won't be in the dance clubs.  It isn't a perfect single.  During the chorus, her voice resembles Rihanna a bit too much.  She sings "Let me lose myself", and we really only get to hear that in the bridge.  While the song may not turn many heads, it's enjoyable for the melody and scattered beat.

"Dance Without You" is a nice introduction to the reincarnation of her solo career.  Skylar doesn't sound quite as mesmerizing as she did on "Coming Home", but the new style may take some time to settle in.  Skylar's album, Invinsible, is out later this year and her next single by the same name is out later this month.

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