Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nat Baldwin - Lifted

Nat Baldwin's latest release, People Changes, came out late last month. The bassist and singer, who many may know from Dirty Projectors, has a knack for simple melodies and random fits of free jazz.  "Lifted", which can be found on his new album, combines the power of his bass with various elements that seem out of place upon first listen to create a perfectly jumbled track that will surely turn heads.

The core of the song is Nat's steady double bass.  It's played in a swaying motion that compliments his wavering voice.  Everything about the song seems calm and mellow until about thirty-five seconds in.  Suddenly, out of nowhere, irregular intervals of snares and horns create chaotic blasts of jazz. These instruments then come together for a soaring melody that some would call a chorus.  This up and down pattern continues throughout the song up until a smashing end.  A strange idea of inserting sporadic splashes of jazz into the otherwise steady song showcases Nat's unconventional style of arrangements.  Some may say it sounds too cluttered, but you should really give "Lifted" a listen and decide for yourself.

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