Saturday, May 22, 2010

Natasha Bedingfield - Touch

Natasha Bedingfield's
single, "Unwritten", took over the world several years ago.  It was released in the UK in 2004, but its worldwide release in 2005 made it shoot to the top of the charts.  Everywhere you went, the song would be blasting over someones speakers.  She released several more hits off of her debut album, but none of them could top the success of "Unwritten".

Natasha went on to release two more albums.  N.B., her second album, was released worldwide except for in the US and Canada.  It failed to live up to the success of her debut.  While the US and Canada missed out on this album, they received Pocketful Of Sunshine.  This album was a major success, and held the hit single, "Pocketful Of Sunshine".  She had finally matched the success that was "Unwritten".

Her new single, "Touch" was released this week.  The single is a new direction for Bedingfield.  The song is a dance-pop anthem.  It has the same "feel good" type of chorus as her two biggest hits.  The change of style isn't too drastic.  The song still feels like it's Natasha Bedingfield.

The verses are very non-traditional.  She sings a rapid story of her meeting a guy.  The lines sound very awkward at times.  If she had extended the verses and spread out the lyrics a little more it would have sounded much better.  It just doesn't seem natural enough.

The chorus is really the highlight of the song.  "Touch" will be extremely popular in clubs.  It has a pulsing beat made for the dance floor.  Bedingfield's vocals are great, as usual.  Her use of falsetto adds a nice touch to the song.  It adds a little variety.

I would check out "Touch" if you like dance or pop music.  The song is very clean and innocent, something that's becoming more extinct every day.  "Touch" definitely has the potential for radio success.  Natasha just needs to find a way to get around Gaga and Ke$ha...


  1. Sounds AMAZING!!!!!! Thanks for telling everybody. I'll check it out. Write something about Hyper Crush or Brokencyde soon? Thanks! <3 Saved Individual

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. Natasha has released a new single????? I'm so off to check it out - I "discovered" her album "Unwritten" a few months ago and am majorly addicted.
    And she's so much better then Gaga or Ke$ha...