Friday, May 21, 2010

Sleigh Bells - Tell 'Em

Sleigh Bells is a hard band to fit into a box.  They dip into so many genres.  You may say that the cheerleader-like melodies make it pop, but the hardcore bass could also make it electro.  Add in the guitars that sound like an anthem, and you have a mess of styles.  That doesn't mean the music is literally a mess, though.  It actually works out.

Sleigh Bells is made up of Derek Miller and Alexis Krauss.  Miller plays the music, while Krauss sings.  The one characteristic that all of their music has, is distortion.  Every song is filled with fuzz.  It can be a little overwhelming at times, but at the right volume, it sounds great.  The right volume is, of course, as loud as it can get.  The louder you play their music, the more you'll enjoy it.

"Tell 'Em" is the opening song to their album, Treats.  The song has a continuous guitar riff that is the perfect counter to the pounding beat.  The heavy beat sounds like a cannon blasting.  Krauss' vocals are very airy and smooth.  She reminds me of an alternate version of M.I.A., as does the music.

Many would classify this song as "noise".  I wouldn't argue with them.  "Noise" is a fitting term, but the "noise" sounds great.  Their album, Treats, was released earlier this month.  I would get it if you like really heavy pop or electro music.  Sleigh Bells have made a strong entry into the music industry with critical praise.  You should see what all the talk is about.

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