Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Reader Request Playlist: Piano Pop & Electro Pop

This is a new permanent feature that I'll be writing.  Every week I'll take all of the music requests that I receive, and I'll be featuring them in one post.  It's the "Reader Request Playlist".  Leave a request in the comment section of this post, or here, and I'll feature your songs in the next playlist.

"White Houses" from the album "Harmonium" - Vanessa Carlton
Requested by Amanda

Everyone remember's "A Thousand Miles".  Even today, I still hear that song on the radio.  It's become a pop standard of the 2000's.  When Vanessa released her second album in 2004, I remember hearing the lead single, "White Houses", on the radio.  The album failed in sales terms, but I always thought of this single as a success.  It's more mature than "A Thousand Miles", and it still has a just as memorable piano line and melody.  It's extremely catchy.  In 2007, Vanessa released another album titled, "Heroes & Thieves".  It faired much better than her previous album.  She's currently working on a new album.  While there's no official release date yet, you can expect some solid piano pop.

"Keep Up" - Hyper Crush
Requested by Saved Individual

Prior to this request, I had never heard of Hyper Crush.  After hearing them, I was surprised that I had never heard them on the radio.  Their electro style seems perfect for Top 40 radio stations.  The song's "Spin me like a record..." hook is really similar to "You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)" by Dead Or Alive and "Right Round" by Flo Rida, but only lyrically.  The melody is completely original.  While it's not something that I would listen to constantly, it's a great club song.  The chorus is incredibly memorable.  It's the kind of song that you'll be humming without even noticing.

Remember to submit your requests for next week's playlist in the comment section, or here.


  1. Thanks for taking a look at it! I love Carlton's music, so I cannot wait for the supposed album in the works!

  2. OOOoh!! We can make requests!?!?!
    I hereby request Hot Chelle Rae and The White Tie Affair :)

    ..if that's ok :)