Sunday, March 27, 2011

Download: My Name Is Kay (Stone Nelson Remix)

Hello readers.  This post is about something a little different from the usual flow of the blog.  Most of the time, I write about artists that I believe should have more exposure.  Every once in a while, I'll cover a public event such as the Grammys.  Today, I'm writing about my own work.  Yes, the tables have turned.  I recently produced a remix for the incredibly fresh new artist, Kay.  I figured that my followers may be interested in checking out the non-writer side of me.  It's available as a free download below, so you can snag a copy for yourself if you fancy it.  If you have the urge to hear the original track, pre-remix, then you can head over to Kay's Facebook for more info.

I have some great music to write about this coming week, so stick around and thanks for reading.

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