Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Eolune - Tiny Oceans

Eolune, the genre blending band from Boston, are back with the follow up to last year's Canvas EP.  I wrote about Canvas way back in March of 2010.  I was fond of the band's ability to create a tight sound that successfully merged various styles of music.  Some bands claim that they incorporate influences from other types of music, but Eolune actually does it.

Their new EP, Tiny Oceans, is very much a sequel to Canvas.  It possesses the same elements as their debut and builds off of them.  The vocals are very Clash-esque at times.  At other moments, such as during the intro to "Ghost Departure", they remind me of Fleet Foxes, echo-laden harmonies.  Although these comparisons, which may sound bizarre, are helpful when finding a reference point for new listeners, Eolune doesn't depend on another band's work.  They know their strong points and they stick to them.

If you stripped every song on this EP of the electronic based sounds, you would be left with an articulate guitar driven album.  If you instead took away every organic instrument, you would have a heavy beat driven, yet melodically ambient, record.  That's what I like about the album.  You can dig beneath the layers for a different perspective.

Eolune have released Tiny Oceans as a "pay what you want" album.  Any and every amount that you do pay for the record will be directly donated to the American Red Cross in order to aid Japan.  It's an honorable and incredible move on their part, so please do purchase the album here to help.

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