Monday, March 14, 2011

Young Adults - Let Us Out

Young Adults, the Boston based rock trio, released their new album, Black Hole, late last year.  Covered in layer upon layer of distortion, their music is punk meets shoegaze.  On the album, there are long stretches of instrumentals with powerful vocals hidden underneath.  Young Adults sometimes sound like they could be the offspring band of Bad Brains and Sonic Youth.  It may be loud, but their music gives off a strange kind of ambience.  The crashing and grinding guitars really set a particular mood that says, "This is Young Adults".

They recently debuted their music video for the single, "Let Us Out".  This song reaches more towards the alternative noise rock side of Young Adults.  Although the lyrics are often hard to distinguish from the music, the vocals help add to the song's lush sound.  The video starts and ends with, as their album title states, a black hole.  The rest of the clip consists of stacked and blurred performance footage.  They've successfully transmitted the distorted and humming vibes from "Let Us Out" over to the video.

Check out the music video for "Let Us Out" after the jump...

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