Sunday, March 6, 2011

Metric - Fantasies Remixed

Late last year, Metric launched a contest to find the best remixes for every song released on their 2009 Fantasies album.  After supplying the stems to any musician or producer up for the challenge, hundreds of remixes were submitted.  Last month, the winners were announced.  One remix for each of Fantasies' ten tracks was officially released through RCRD LBL.  The mixes range from dubstep to full orchestrated pieces.  It's incredibly interesting to hear the different takes on these usually alternative rock songs. Most of them ditch the guitars for other sounds, but there are a few pieces that still focus on the acoustics.

My absolute favorite remix from the set is the Kostia Rappaport remix of "Collect Call".  The original track is mellow and lush.  This remix has completely stripped the song of its original instrumentation.  While Emily Haines' vocals are still intact, with a bit of editing, the mood is now almost cinematic.  The song is heavy on strings, most of them being pizzicato.

You can stream and download all of remixes on RCD LBL, here.  Each one takes a different approach to the music and some of them are unbelievably brilliant.  A lot of modern remixes simply supply a new beat instead of reinventing the song.  This group of remixes, however, sets the standard for how it should be done.

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