Sunday, May 1, 2011

Kimbra - Plain Gold Ring

This weekend is all about Kimbra.  Each day, starting Friday and ending today, The Soundtrack Of My Life will feature a different song from her upcoming album, Vows.  

The final song of this weekend's feature is "Plain Gold Ring".  If you start with "Cameo Lover", continue into "Good Intent", and then finish with "Plain Gold Ring", you can hear an evolution of sound.  "Plain Gold Ring" is the grand finale.

The song starts off a cappella, with a smooth misty tone.  If the music somehow forgot to kick in, I wouldn't even notice.  The vocal intro is like a chant from a wise storyteller, captivating.  On Kimbra's previous singles, she sounded confident and sure of herself.  This song is different.  There's a dreary undertone of despair.  "He belonged to someone, but not me - On his hand was a plain gold ring..."

"Plain Gold Ring" carries a similar production style as the rest of Kimbra's work.  The stacked vocal runs and enunciations are present, as well as the organic jazz influenced instruments.

Listen to "Plain Gold Ring"

This is the final day of the Kimbra takeover on The Soundtrack Of My Life.  If you missed them, you can check out day one and day two, along with the first single "Settle Down", for your listening pleasure.  While there's no official release date quite yet, remember to look out for Kimbra's debut album, Vows, later this year.

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