Monday, May 16, 2011

SebastiAn - C.T.F.O. (Feat. M.I.A.)

M.I.A. completely polarized audiences last year with /\/\ /\ Y /\.  My initial reaction to the record was less than magical, as the screeching "Steppin Up" was the first track I heard.  As a whole, I enjoyed the album significantly more.  Tracks such as "Lovalot", "XXXO", "Story To Be Told" and "Born Free" really made up for the questionable parts of the album.  Since the album's release, we've seen a good handful of Twitter controversies and non-musical hubbubs from her.

M.I.A.'s latest musical project is with the French electro-DJ, SebastiAn.  "C.T.F.O." is a track from SebastiAn's upcoming debut album, and it features fuzzy vocals from M.I.A..  I love the production on the track.  It feels dark and dirty with a pairing of synth lines running under the beat.  "C.T.F.O.", short for "chill the f*** out", sounds like a club about to riot.

SebastiAn's record, Total, is out on May 30.  It features "C.T.F.O." and a massive amount of 21 other tracks.  Along with M.I.A., you'll hear contributions from Mayer Hawthorne and Gaspard Augé of Justice.  You can head over to Some Kind Of Awesome for a stream of the song.  Go ahead and try to resist dancing along, you won't succeed.

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