Saturday, May 14, 2011

Washed Out - Eyes Be Closed

Somewhere around the time of 2009's transformation into 2010, I sat down and listened to Life Of Leisure, the critically acclaimed EP from Washed Out.  After hearing the six track album as a whole, I initially forgot about it due to lack of interest.  I just couldn't get into any of the tracks.  Washed Out had captured the style that is known as chillwave, or glo-fi, but failed to capture my attention. The EP sounded like something that would've been worshipped a few decades ago.  While that sound may not be bad, it also caused me to neglect the album.

Fast forward to now.  Washed Out, which is a stage name for Ernest Greene, is prepping for the release of his full length album, Within And Without.  I stumbled upon the single "Eyes Be Closed" and rediscovered the artist.  This time around, my reaction was completely different.  I found myself replaying the track at an alarming rate.  The song isn't reaching too far from Life Of Leisure's realm, but the production sounds current.  The vocals aren't as muffled.  It's less demo-like and the instrumental choices aren't calling for a time capsule.  The eighties influence is still there, but in a less cheesy way.

It isn't often that an artist changes my opinion so strongly with just one single, but "Eyes Be Closed" has me interested in Washed Out's upcoming album. Within And Without hits shelves on July 12 and this single is available as a free download right now.  Check it out below for an airy preview of the record.

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