Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Maine - Inside Of You

The Maine is a fairly new pop rock/pop-punk band.  They released their debut album, Can't Stop, Won't Stop, in 2007.  It was very similar in style to the slew of other young pop-punk bands.  Fast and catchy songs about love, with vocals in the upper register is what they did best.  This time around, they released Black And White.  The first single off of the album is "Inside Of You".  It's actually a big step up for them in terms of maturity.  The vocals have a rougher sound to them, and it's overall less "novelty" sounding.

The one problem with the song is that it really isn't memorable.  After hearing it, the thought of it won't last. "Inside Of You" needs something more to stand out.  Either a solid hook or improved songwriting, just a little more to keep it in the mind of the listener for more than ten minutes.

I much prefer the rougher tone of, singer, John O'Callaghan's voice.  With that extra tone, the song has emotion and a more desirable rawness.  It's an entire new level for the band compared to their previous work, but if they manage to find the perfect in between of smooth and rough, then they'll find their ideal sound.

"Inside Of You" is a solid song, but I think it'll be hard for the band to attract a broader audience with the single.  I would check it out if you enjoy the general pop-punk bands that flood the Warped Tour.  If you're already a fan of The Maine, then I doubt you'll be disappointed.  They kept their basic style while still maturing to a certain degree.

Many thanks to Quiet16 for the request.


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