Monday, July 12, 2010

Harmony Muzik - The Masquerade

The album starts with a spoken intro.  On "What Is A Mask?" a conversation of identity and hidden persona's is overheard during, what sounds like, a candle lit dinner.  It's very intriguing.  The Masquerade is the debut album from the rising artist, Harmony Muzik.  She describes her music as "urban pop", and rightfully so.  Many of the tracks on the album have heavy hip-hop beats, but the vibe can change to dance pop instantly.  With a wide span of genres and influences, some listeners may find that they enjoy one style over the other.

"Take A Bite", featuring Madam Madon, Divinity, and Prhyme, sounds like it should be on hip-hop radio right now.  Like many of the songs on the album, "Take A Bite" is heavy on the bass.  The elegant and mysterious intro to the song really caught me off guard.  The intro is a small loop of classical guitar, strings, and ambient chirping.  It gives the track such a great flow.  "Take A Bite" is definitely one of the standout pieces on the record.

Immediately after "Take A Bite" is "Temporary Heartbreak".  As I mentioned earlier, this album flips genres quickly.  "Temporary Heartbreak" is filled to the top with synths.  You can hear a slight electro tone to Harmony's vocals.  The soaring chorus of "Falling in love with you." will leave you humming long after hearing it.

Fresh names are always welcome in the music industry.  I wouldn't be surprised if I turned on the radio and heard Harmony Muzik.  The beats are current and the featured artists add some variety to the mix of songs.  Notable tracks include "Take A Bite", "Broken", "Behind The Mask (Still Here)", and "Temporary Heartbreak".  The Masquerade is released on July 20th.  I would check out The Masquerade if you want to hear a new artist that blends hip-hop and pop to create an album of catchy hooks and beats.

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