Monday, May 10, 2010

Katy Perry - California Gurls (Feat. Snoop Dog)

After the success of Katy Perry's debut album, the pop singer has the level set high with her next release.  Her first album, One Of The Boys, spawned four hit singles.  If she can do that with her upcoming sophomore album, Teenage Dream, then she has proven herself as a successful pop singer.  The first single from Teenage Dream is "California Gurls". The upbeat song features Snoop Dog.  There's only one problem with it and it's not the spelling of "Gurls".  Katy Perry's new single sounds exactly like Ke$ha's hit song, "TiK ToK".

The song starts with a synth tune.  Perry then joins in with her bright vocals.  She sings of palm trees and bikini's.  It's a great song for driving by the beach in a convertible.  Teenage girls (or "gurls") will be blasting the song with their sunglasses on.  Basically, the same crowd that loves Ke$ha will enjoy this song.

I feel that the song structure and melody are way too similar to the singles by Ke$ha.  From the "ohs" in the chorus to the prominent use of a synth line, it's something I've already heard.  Snoop Dog's verse matches the song great.  It keeps the fresh and sunny theme.  The two artists may seem like an odd couple, but they work well together.

One thing is certain, Katy Perry's vocal abilities are much better than Ke$ha's.  While neither of them are amazing, Perry could knock out Ke$ha in two seconds.  If you're interested in "California Gurls", you can find it on iTunes now.  Her album, Teenage Dream, is out August 24.  I would pass on the song for now. Unless she has an incredible album planned, I doubt Perry will replicate the same success as her debut.

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  1. I agree! I didn't like her first album, and I like this single even less - she does sound a LOT like Ke$ha in it, whom I cannot stand. :-/