Saturday, July 3, 2010

Scissor Sisters - Fire With Fire

The song starts with a piano melody and a lonely synth.  Then, vocalist, Jake Shears sings the verse with a tune that's so memorable, that you'll wonder why it had never been written before.  The chorus repetition of "Fight fire with fire - desire, through your desire." has the perfect power ballad feeling.  The lead single from their new album, Night Work, is simply a great pop song.  You can sing and dance to it, yet it also has that big anthem sound.  Shears' vocals have incredible clarity and are delivered with emotion.  They actually have enough emotion to be the standout element of the song, especially during their live performances.

"Fire With Fire" is sure to be a club hit, but I would love to see it break into the Top 40 charts in the US.  It would be a fresh alternative to the staple artists of mainstream radio.  Sure, it may be a bit cheesy and overwhelming, but it's fun.  Their third album, Night Work, is out now.  I would check it out if you like pop music with a flair of 80's synth.  You can download "Fire With Fire" for free on iTunes (US) until next Tuesday.  I would, without a doubt, give it a listen.  Scissor Sisters have an addictive song in "Fire With Fire".

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