Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mr. Dream - Scarred For Life

At only two minutes and fifteen seconds long, "Scarred For Life" continues Mr. Dream's trend of short punk rock songs.  When I talked about their No Girls Allowed album, I mentioned that the length of the songs doesn't hold back their potential.  Instead, the song gives you a short burst of energy.  The vocals in this single seem more tight and precise, yet not over produced, just as Mr. Dream's previous work.  The beginning verse almost sounds like something you'd hear from The Bravery, only with more raw power.  They've also kept the infectious bass lines that really act as much more than support.  Everything that I loved about No Girls Allowed has received and upgrade for the better in "Scarred For Life".

I would love to hear a full length release from this band.  Until that time comes, you should definitely check out "Scarred For Life".  It may not be the most complicated of songs, but that's what makes it stand out.  It's simple, fun, and has a great guitar riff during the chorus.  Who wouldn't love a song like that?  Check out Mr. Dream's Myspace to give this song a listen, and also check out their previous work.  Mr. Dream is a band that's worth your time.

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