Saturday, June 19, 2010

M.I.A. - Steppin Up

The first sound you hear upon listening to M.I.A.'s new single, "Steppin Up", is a grinding chain saw and blasting drill.  The buzzing and squealing, which could have been an amazing sample, actually becomes quite irritating through out the song.  The songs beat is capable of holding it's own without the sample.  Besides the looping saw and the pounding beat, the music is kept at a minimum.  You can still hear a faint electronic synth line and guitar that keeps a chord progression under the lyrics.  This element keeps a slight sense of structure to the music.

The lyrical content is very out of the ordinary and very lacking.  With strange lines such as, "Rub a dub a dub dub, rub a dub a dub a dub." this song isn't poetry.  It really isn't even unique in an entertaining way.  This would be more acceptable if the instrumental for the song was outstanding, but the music doesn't save the track.  Overall, there's just too much "noise".

M.I.A.'s album, /\/\/\Y/\, will be released on July 13.  If this song fits into the context of the full record, then the lacking power could be excused.  However, on it's own, "Steppin Up" is nothing to get excited about.  Her other singles for this upcoming album are much stronger than tis one.  For all of the feuding and controversy that M.I.A. gets herself into, "Steppin Up" isn't up to par.

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