Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Reader Request Playlist: Hot Chelle Rae & The White Tie Affair

"Bleed" from the album "Lovesick Electric" - Hot Chelle Rae
Requested by Andy

Previous to this request, I had heard Hot Chelle Rae's single, "I Like To Dance".  The song, like most of their music, is a synth-filled dance pop party.  The second single from their debut album is completely different from the rest of the record.  It's a ballad that starts off with no more than an acoustic guitar.  It transforms into a full on power ballad towards the end.  "Bleed" reminds me of a Boys Like Girls song, but much better.  I prefer Hot Chelle Rae's vocalist, Ryan Follese, to Boys Like Girls singer, Martin Johnson.  The song's really quite good.  I suggest it if you like young heartfelt ballads that have soaring choruses.  After listening to it, several times mind you, I found the chorus to be stuck in my head.  Any song that has accomplished this achievement has a good melody.  A good melody is what every pop artist strives for, and Hot Chelle Rae has one in "Bleed".

"You Look Better When I'm Drunk" - The White Tie Affair
Requested by Andy

The White Tie Affair is probably known best for their single, "Candle (Sick And Tired)".  The song from their debut album, Walk This Way, received a decent mount of radio play in 2008.  Their new single, which was just released in April, has the perfect beat for radio.  There have been a decent amount of "drunk party" songs lately, with Cobra Starship and Boys Like Girls.  This song is actually very similar to Cobra Starship's style.  If you like The White Tie Affair, then you should check out Cobra.  The hook of the song is a bit repetitive and gets tiring after a while, but in the genre, that's quite common.  While The White Tie Affair have never really been my favorite band, I prefer their previous singles compared to this new release.  Long time fans, however, won't be disappointed.

Thanks to Andy for this weeks requests. Don't forget to submit your choices for a chance in next weeks playlist.

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