Friday, June 25, 2010

Semi Precious Weapons - You Love You

Earlier this year, I wrote about a band named Semi Precious Weapons.  I was amazed by their style.  They have the hooks and melodies for pop music, but they don't play pop music.  They perform rock music.  Not just any kind of rock, but the kind with insane fashion and guitar riffs.  It's glam rock.  They're fronted by Justin Tranter, one unique vocalist.  Add in a drummer, Dan Crean.  Then a bassist and guitarist, Cole Whittle and Stevy Pyne, and you have the Semi Precious Weapons.

The album opener is the first single and eponymous track, "Semi Precious Weapons".  The rock 'n' roll riff that starts the song is a good taste of what's to come.  To go side by side with the riff is the opening line, the lyrics that tell you what the band's about.  "I can't pay my rent, but I'm f****** gorgeous."  This is what Semi Precious Weapons is about.  On "Put A Diamond In It", Tranter sings of violence and glamour.  Unlike most other vocalists who would attempt such lyrical themes, Tranter can get away with it.  His wardrobe, which consists mostly of fishnets, heels and leather, adds to the "in your face" glam style of their music.  The epic, "Rock N Roll Never Looked So Beautiful",  explains it all.

Besides the wild glam rock, the album contains some down-tempo tracks.  "Leave Your Pretty To Me" is truly the highlight of the entire record.  Once you reach this song on the nine track album, you wonder if it can get any better.  The soft vulnerable tone of Tranter's voice is completely unexpected.  It sounds like a classic rock ballad and the album isn't even released in the US yet.  You must hear this song.

You Love You is out in the US on June 29th.  The band will continue touring with their friend and fellow performer, Lady Gaga, at the Monster Ball this summer.  I would pick up the record if you enjoy crazy glam rock songs that will leave you wondering what you just listened to.  It's catchy, it's outrageous, it's dirty... it's Semi Precious Weapons.

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