Sunday, June 13, 2010

Robyn - Body Talk Pt. 1

Robyn is a Swedish pop singer with a plan.  She's going to release, not one, but three albums this year.  In a series titled Body Talk, Robyn hopes to break from the traditional album cycle and create some great pop music at the same time.  Pt. 1 of the trilogy is being released this week.  At eight tracks long, the album contains a wide variety of genres.  While it's mostly pop focused, the album does hold its surprises.

The album starts off with "Don't F****** Tell Me What To Do".  The monotone repetition of Robyn stating waves of habits, objects, feelings, and people that are "killing her" is strangely effective as lyrical content.  The vocals are spoken over a dance-pop beat that sounds like a "Thriller" tribute during the title line finale.  After this intriguing intro, the promo single "Fembot" interrupts with its distinctive hook.  While the attraction of, "I've got some news for you, Fembots have feelings too.", you can't forget this song.  It''s a solid electro-pop tune that calls back to her previous hit, "Konichiwa B******".

The album continues into the first official single, "Dancing On My Own".  This single has already had decent success because of its moving chorus.  The song is definitely one highlight of the album.  The deep constant synth is a great driving beat for the song.  Robyn's music is always full of attitude, but it's usually aggressive and playful.  "Dancing On My Own" is deep and honest.  The next song, "Cry When You Get Older", continues the vibe of "Dancing On My Own".  It's less feisty and keeps the flowing ballad-like tempo.

The feeling changes completely with, "Dancehall Queen".  It has a reggae beat with pop synths.  An interesting combination, to say the least.  The song is very mellow, not much stands out.  It manages to keep your attention, but it is lacking.  The album picks back up with "None Of Dem".  This song features Röyksopp, and has an eerie melody.  The song is much more atmospheric than Robyn's usual hi-hat and snare filled anthems.

With the albums end closing in, "Hang With Me", an acoustic ballad, catches the listener off guard.  The soft song is made up of a piano, string section, and Robyn.  It's a beautiful song that really adds a needed element to the record.  The final song on the record is "Jag Vet en Dejlig Rosa".  The almost a cappella folk song is sung completely in Swedish.  It's extremely soothing and mysterious.  The lullaby closes the album amazingly.

To have an album that starts with a dance-pop song and ends with a traditional folk song is very peculiar.  To make it work out is even more peculiar.  Robyn has created a solid introduction to her Body Talk trilogy.  The album not only satisfies lovers of pop music, but it also sparks their interest in Robyn's unique album release plan.  I would check out Body Talk Pt. 1 if you enjoy pop music that is playful, with a mature side... when needed.  Robyn has a strong record with Body Talk Pt. 1.

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