Friday, April 29, 2011

Kimbra - Cameo Lover

This weekend is all about Kimbra.  Each day, starting now and ending Sunday, The Soundtrack Of My Life will feature a different song from her upcoming album, Vows.

Today's track is "Cameo Lover", the second single off of Vows.  This single has a chorus that explodes with a pounding beat that calls back to the swaying doo-wop days.  It's a perfect contrast to the poppy bounce of the verses.  The track is in every way just as infectious as "Settle Down".

"Cameo Lover" has elements that you just don't hear enough in modern pop music.  The quivering pizzicato strings in the chorus are beautiful underneath the brassy horns.  The entire production effort sounds fresh, yet classy in a way that doesn't give in to today's latest trends.

The song has one of those hooks that stays with you for hours until you find yourself humming the melody without notice.  "Open up your heart! Open up your heart!"

"Cameo Lover" is complete with a newly released music video that is a rainbow of fun, almost literally.  Set against a white backdrop, Kimbra shows off her doll-like dance skills.  Backed by her group of dancers, they slowly transform a bunch of sharp dressed men into neon clad makeup-wearing men... through the power of song, of course.  The video is slick, stylish, and I love it.

Open up your heart to the "Cameo Lover" music video below...