Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nominate The Soundtrack Of My Life For An O Award!

The O Music Awards is a brand new award show that showcases the best of the internet.  As a project of MTV, the awards focus heavily on social media.  There are categories such as "Must Follow Artist On Twitter", "Best Fan Cover", and "Favorite Animated GIF".  Also included on the list is "Best Independent Music Blog", and that's where The Soundtrack Of My Life needs your help.

MTV pre-selected a handful of blogs for the list of nominees and they're allowing fans to nominate their own favorites.  If you enjoy this blog and feel it deserves a nomination, then you can make it happen!  Keep reading to find out how...

Nominations are now closed. Thank you for voting!

Step 1
Go to the "Best Independent Music Blog" category here.

Step 2
Connect the O Music Awards website to your Twitter or Facebook account as shown below.

Step 3
Once you have connected your account, find the "Nominate" field. It should look like this...

Step 4
Enter The Soundtrack Of My Life in the top field and this blog's full URL address,, in the second field. The end result should look like this...

Step 5
Click submit and you're done!

Thanks so much for taking the time to support this blog.  If you feel inclined to nominate the blog multiple times, go for it.  The write-in nominees with the most votes will be announced on April 11 and the deadline for nominations is April 9 at midnight.  Remember to tune in to the O Music Awards website at 11PM EDT on April 28 to see a live stream of the ceremony.

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