Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kimbra - Good Intent

This weekend is all about Kimbra.  Each day, starting Friday and ending Sunday, The Soundtrack Of My Life will feature a different song from her upcoming album, Vows. 

Today's selection is "Good Intent".  Kimbra switches her game plan with this track.  Imagine a dark and smoky club with a jazz singer playing in front of a swinging band.  It's somewhat vintage and has an alluring vibe that sounds like trouble.

Kimbra's layered vocals create the illusion that she's being backed by a group of singers, complete with matching outfits and swaying dances.  In reality, she just knows how to tackle harmonies to produce a fleshed out sound that fills the room.

Spiraling down a devious line, the chorus' melody gives "Good Intent" an almost sarcastic sound.  Kimbra holds the power with her demanding voice.  This song definitely showcases a different side of her as an artist.  She could pursue a more soulful jazz influenced style just as easily as a pop focused destination.  She seems to have found the perfect middle ground between these genres and it works flawlessly.

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  1. This is awesome. I love it. I love Kimbra, and I can't wait to get her album when it comes out. Does anyone know when it does?