Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Devo - Fresh

Devo.  The band that made the "energy dome" what it is today.  The pyramid like hat became the symbol of Devo at the peak of their career.  Soon after their 1990 album Smooth Noodle Maps was released, they stopped making music. Following an extensive twenty year hiatus, the band is back with an album.  Can their single, "Fresh" revive their career and satisfy their massive following?  I think it can, and will.

Devo has managed to keep the charm of their classic music and apply modern production techniques to give it an updated feel.  The echoing drums are here, as are the waving synths.  One of their major hits, "Whip It", had a massive guitar riff, so does "Fresh".  It's impressive that after a twenty year break, the band still has a strong sense of who they are.

"Fresh" can be found on their album, Something For Everybody, which came out this week.  If you want a record full of poppy music that sounds like it belongs in the 80's, then this album is for you.  While it has that retro sound, it doesn't sound too cheesy or overdone.  It's a perfectly done transition into today's music scene that strives on electro-pop.

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