Saturday, April 3, 2010

Charlotte Sometimes - Ooh Love

Pop music comes in two types. There's either mass produced pop, which is what makes up the majority of today's radio, or there's a more organic type of pop music.  The organic pop music uses real instruments, such as strings, piano, and guitar, and has a more natural production stage.  Charlotte Sometimes' (born Jessica Charlotte Poland) new single, "Ooh Love", is a light-hearted pop song of the organic variety.  The song focuses on pure instrumentation and bright vocals.

"Ooh Love" is whimsical and soaring. The verses are covered in a smooth wind section and a piano.  When the chorus arrives, the song shoots up.  Charlotte goes in and out of her falsetto during the chorus so flawlessly.  The vocals are truly the highlight of the song.  They're very... happy.  You can hear the joy in her voice.  I also really love the forceful strings in the chorus.  They add a sense of urgency to the song.

If you enjoy Ingrid Michaelson's music, you'll probably like Charlotte Sometimes.  They have a similar style of music.  The main difference is that Ingrid's music is a bit more simplified with less layers.  Although they are very similar, Charlotte Sometimes is not to be discarded.  Her music is unique to it's own.  "Ooh Love" is perfect if you're looking for some fresh and bright pop music.

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