Monday, April 5, 2010

Owl City - Vanilla Twilight

One of the biggest pop songs of last year came from Owl City.  "Fireflies" took over the radio charts almost instantly.  The feel good song proved that Owl City was here to stay.  The biggest question on everyone's mind was, "Could Owl City top Fireflies with an even better song?".  That question may be answered with the electro-pop acts second single off of his album, Ocean Eyes.

Owl City is, in fact, one person.  Adam Young is the mastermind behind these catchy pop tunes.  "Vanilla Twilight" is a ballad in some variety.  The song starts with a lone piano behind Young's honest voice.  Then, the full synth-ridden instrumentation that Owl City is known for kicks in.  The main element that stands out in Owl City's songs, are the lyrics.  Adam Young creates lyrics that might be simple, but they're also incredibly honest, cute, and maybe even a little childish.  "Vanilla Twilight" is truly a modern love song.

Many have said that Owl City is too similar to The Postal Service.  While their styles of music are closely related, Owl City has managed to separate itself from this comparison by musical theme.  Between the odd subject choices and obscure lyricism, you won't confuse the two artists for long.

I believe that Adam Young has topped his previous smash hit with "Vanilla Twilight".  The song is great from it's bright yet mellow beat to the emotion filled vocals.  If you enjoyed "Fireflies", then you will most likely also enjoy this song.  Owl City is currently on tour with his female equivalent, Lights.  After his current tour, he's hitting the road with John Mayer.  He clearly has big plans ahead of him.  I would definitely check out this song or buy his album, Ocean Eyes, if you enjoyed his previous work.  "Vanilla Twilight" has the potential to make Owl City top the charts all over again.

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  1. I love Owl City! I can't wait for his new CD.