Thursday, April 8, 2010

Foxy Shazam - Oh Lord

When I first heard this band, I knew that I had to feature them in a post.  Not often does a band come around where you're completely absorbed by their music and performances.  Foxy Shazam is a rock band whose style is so unique that you won't know wether or not they're serious.  Their music is outrageous, over the top, and most of all... fun.

"Oh Lord" is a single off of their upcoming self-titled album.  The song is huge.  Taking notes from Queen, Foxy Shazam has created an epic rock anthem.  Vocalist, Eric Nally, has a voice like no other.  It's very cartoonish at first listen, but after you hear him for a while you realize that he can really sing.  His lower register is completely different from his soaring high notes.  It goes from a strange throaty tone to piercing cries.  It really caught me off guard.

Each instrument in the song is amazing.  "Oh Lord" starts with a trumpet intro, and then takes off with the full band.  Throughout the song, a piano plays the melody along with Nally's vocals.  The chorus' power and chord progression really adds an uplifting feel to the song.  Overall, the song leaves a lasting impression on the listener.

I must say, Foxy Shazam really isn't for everyone.  From the vocals to the genre, some people will be scared away.  Those who do enjoy theatrical and crazy music are in for a treat with this band.  Their album, Foxy Shazam, is out April 13th.  Check it out if you want a record that stands out from the crowd.

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