Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nico Vega - So So Fresh

Here's another female fronted band that proves not every group with a girl is the same.  Nico Vega is a trio from Los Angeles.  They've been around since 2005, and released their debut album last year.  The song "So So Fresh" is just one of the great song's on their record.

"So So Fresh" is an all out rock song.  It has some dance-rock influences, such as the hi-hat in the chorus and the heavy bass during the verses.  Vocalist, Aja Volkman, has a similar roughness in her voice as Alison Mosshart of The Dead Weather.  Her gasping and screaming really gives a dangerous feel to the song.  The song's hook is actually her breathing.  That's something you don't hear often.

The high energy level of the song is the main attraction.  Nico Vega has an "in your face" attitude that many bands need.  This comes through in the chorus of "So So Fresh".  The main guitar riff, played by Rich Koehler, has a melody that will be in your head for days.

Nico Vega is currently on tour with Semi Precious Weapons.  These two seem like a perfect match.  They both play wild and crazy rock 'n roll.  You can find "So So Fresh" on their self-titled album.  I would check it out if you like The Kills, The Dead Weather, or The Duke Spirit.  Nico Vega has a long future ahead of them.

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