Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rich Batsford - Valentine Court

As a pianist, I'm always interested in hearing how other musicians use the instrument to create something new.  Due to the vast amount of classical pianists who stick to the great compositions of this genre, I find original contemporary pieces or new interpretations of classical works to be refreshing.  Rich Batsford is a British pianist whose album, Valentine Court, is made up of melodic instrumentals.  Each song has a clear motif that sets the mood.  Perhaps due to the strong chord progressions within each piece, every composition, aside from the pause of "Just Sitting", feels incredibly accessible.  The album is peaceful and although there are strong rhythms to be found, a flowing ambient feeling is present on Valentine Court.

If you would like a taste of the album then you can download or stream two tracks, "Namaste" and "Gudonya", below.  You can check out Valentine Court in its entirety here.

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