Friday, July 8, 2011

Imogen Heap - Propeller Seeds

Imogen Heap just released part two of her Heapsong adventure.  The quirky songstress is releasing her fourth album in a most unusual way of creating one track from the record every three months.  The first track, "Lifeline", proved to be a good start to the project with hundreds of fans submitting sounds, stories, and artwork to be used within the single.  Single number two is "Propeller Seeds" and the accompanying video matches the song's organic atmosphere perfectly.  The lyrical melodies call back to Speak For Yourself, while the instrumental style is closer to Ellipse.  The song is in "3D Sound" and headphones are truly the optimal listening experience.

You can purchase the song in various formats and bundles on Imogen's website. Check out the video for "Propeller Seeds" below...

Imogen Heap - Propeller Seeds from Imogen Heap on Vimeo.

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