Friday, July 15, 2011

EDM - Night People

After changing their name and finding a new record label, EDM is ready to release their new album, Night People.  The band formerly known as Early Day Miners is now signed to Western Vinyl, their original home where they put out their debut record, Placer Found.  Night People is an album that keeps a steady pace.  Every song is at a similar mid-tempo which creates a flowing feeling.  This could be seen as a pro or a con.  It benefits through the idea of an album being a complete body of work.  The songs work best together.  Night People sounds complete in a similar fashion.  The eight tracks compliment each other at this ideal length.  However, the lack of variety may cause some listeners to lose interest after a few tracks.

Night People starts off with "Hold Me Down", a guitar driven number.  It's an appropriate beginning that leads in a driving "Stereo/Video".  "Open Bar" is a hit and miss track.  The song's first half feels dreary and tedious, but once the grittier vocals come in with an alternate beat, the song finds its place, and it's a great place.  The heavier vocals throughout the album really add a needed element of energy that I prefer over the soft tones as found on "How To Fall".

"Milking The Moon" is one of Night People's highlights.  It's a mostly instrumental track that clocks in at eight and a half minutes.  The buildup is perfect.  It's filled with sweeping melodies under a blanket of distortion.

Unfortunately, the lack of memorable moments gets the best of Night People at times.  Even though there are only eight tracks, the album can drag on for what seems like much longer.  Night People does have its handful of shining moments, though.  Moments such as "Hold Me Down" and "Milking The Moon" just might tip the scales and make the album more than worthwhile.

Night People is out on July 19.  You can order a copy of the album for yourself, here.

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