Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lady Gaga - The Remix

Lady Gaga has already confirmed that an album of new tracks won't be seen until next year, but why should that stop her from releasing anything at all?  The Remix is exactly what it says it is.  It's an album full of Gaga's biggest hits, and some lesser known tracks, all remixed.  The new versions vary from full on heavy bass dance floor numbers to, on the other end of the spectrum, softer and more interesting mixes of the songs.  Some big names were recruited for the album.  Stuart Price, Passion Pit, and Frankmusik mixed three of tracks and one even features Marilyn Manson.  With ten songs total, the album has a broad style.  Some of the tracks could easily be replaced, but others are incredibly creative.

Unfortunately, the album starts off with probably the least interesting remix of the entire set.  The Richard Vission Remix of "Just Dance" is over six minutes long, and doesn't keep the listeners attention unless they're in a club with strobe lights.  It lacks in vocal tracks and seems very bland.  Once you get past the first track, the album picks up to a better pace.

The Stuart Price Remix of "Paparazzi" is the standout song of the album.  Both the music and the vocal track are amazing, and almost as entertaining as the original recording.  The vocal track uses different harmonies than the original recording.  It almost sounds like Gaga re-recorded the vocals.  It's great.

Other highlights include the Starsmith Remix of "Bad Romance", The Sound Of Arrows Remix of "Alejandro", and Monarchy 'Stylites' Remix of "Dance In The Dark".  Overall, it's a solid album.  There are two tracks in particular that are lacking; the Richard Vission Remix of "Just Dance" and the Passion Pit Remix of "Telephone".

I had high hopes of an outstanding remix when I heard Passion Pit was enlisted for the album.  Unfortunately, I'm not fond of the raised pitch on the vocals.  While it's reminiscent of "Sleepyhead" by the group, the raised vocals get very "chipmunk" after a couple minutes.  Luckily, the high vocals don't cover the entire song and it improves by the end.

The Remix isn't for everyone.  If you're just a casual fan or dislike remixes, then you probably won't go crazy over this album.  On the other hand, if you love dance music or you're a hardcore fan, then you'll probably love this record.  On average, the mixes stick to the original recordings just enough to not be annoying.  With the exclusion of the opening track, each song is instantly recognizable.  It's just a shame that some of the international remixes failed to make the US release of the record.  The Manhattan Clique Remix of "Boys Boys Boys" would've been a great addition.

If you're desperately in need of new music from Gaga and can't wait until next year, then go ahead and buy The Remix.  It'll keep the "Little Monsters" dancing through the rest of the year.

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