Sunday, June 6, 2010

MTV Movie Awards: Katy & Christina

Tonight was the evening of the MTV Movie Awards.  While the show focuses on film, Katy Perry and Christina Aguilera also performed.  They each performed new singles from their upcoming albums.  Katy's "Teenage Dream" is out on August 24th, and Christina's "Bionic" is out on June 8th.  Here's a summary of how the performances turned out...

Katy Perry's performance came first with her new single, "California Gurls".  The song started with Katy standing on a flying surf board while wearing a blue wig.  There were giant monitors with rays of sun and backup dancers in roller skates.  The song, which is "TiK ToK" version two, really isn't groundbreaking.  Sure, the stage was sunny and matched the vibe, but her vocals weren't spot on.  Snoop Dogg was there to rap his verse.  He stood up from a golden throne and joined Katy at center stage.  While the pairing of the two artists is odd, his verse sounded just like the recording.  Overall, it just didn't amaze me.  At this point I was hoping Christina's performance would be much more entertaining.

Christina came on after a few more awards were given out.  Her new image is very... "Lady Gaga".  With every album, comes a new look.  Her most recent style is synth covered club pop music.  She performed a medley of songs as opposed to Katy's single tune.  The first song was "Bionic".  It was very dark with plenty of smoke and shadows.  She then moved on to her semi-big single, "Not Myself Tonight".  The vocals were so good that it made me suspect her of using a backing track or lip syncing.  Finally, Xtina performed "Whoohoo".  The song started with several censored lines, that's not a great start or finish to any song.  The medley seemed very strange.  It's like Christina doesn't know what to do with her music.  The biggest surprise was when the camera zoomed in on a flashing light-up heart located on Christina's crotch.  Very strange.

The entire show was poorly done.  The comedy was entirely based around swearing.  The censoring was unbelievably heavy, and off. Several times the swearing was left uncensored.  If you missed the show, don't worry.  It was nothing special.  If you really wanted to see the performances or awards, I'm sure they'll either replay it or you can find it on MTV's website.  I usually really enjoy these award shows, but this year MTV couldn't get anything right.

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