Friday, May 18, 2012

Diplo - Set It Off (Feat. Lazerdisk Party Sex)

Diplo's upcoming EP, Express Yourself, is out on June 12th and he just released yet another track from it.  "Set It Off" is a collaboration with Lazerdisk Party Sex, a duo of DJ's from Vermont.  It's not quite as filthy as the EP's title track, but it's still pretty amazing.  There's a pitched vocal sample and some pop-like chords.  Once again, the production is stellar. You can give the track a listen below.

In case you forgot about the lead single, here's the music video for "Express Yourself" with Nicky Da B.  Warning, lots of butt shaking in this one.  Lots. Feel free to join in if you must.

All six tracks from Express Yourself will be available June 12th on Mad Decent.  You can pre-order two different album packages directly from Mad Decent, here.  One of them comes with a t-shirt!

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