Saturday, May 19, 2012

Drop The Lime - Bandit Blues

Drop The Lime, otherwise known as Luca Venezia, has created this hybrid genre that merges rockabilly and dance music.  Yes, it's an odd concept, but the result is spectacular.  If you're unfamiliar with his stuff, then I suggest you use this moment to watch the video for "Hot As Hell".  I think it serves as the perfect example of what Drop The Lime does best.

Wasn't that great?  I love how the Drop The Lime image goes hand in hand with the music.  Anyways, Drop The Lime just released a new video this week on MTV Iggy for his latest single, "Bandit Blues".  This track is a bit different from his other singles such as "Shake Baby Shake" and the previously mentioned "Hot As Hell".  The production feels slightly shifted in comparison and it's much more vocal focused, but it still has that guitar line.  Check out the eerie music video for "Bandit Blues" below.

"Bandit Blues" is out on May 22, along with four accompanying remixes. Drop The Lime's full length album, Enter The Night, is scheduled for later this year.

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