Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kylie Minogue - Timebomb

Australian pop superstar, Kylie Minogue, will spend the majority of 2012 celebrating her past twenty-five years in the showbiz spotlight.  Declared "K25", Kylie's plans include a greatest hits compilation, re-worked versions of classic singles, and an "Anti Tour" with concerts consisting of non-single tracks, b-sides, and rarities.  While K25 is mostly a milestone for Kylie's previous accomplishments, she's still looking forward by releasing a brand new single and music video.  "Timebomb" is her latest track and it already sounds like classic Kylie.  From the "Nu-di-ty"-esque "whoop" to the slinky verses, it's so much fun.  I'm beyond thrilled that "Timebomb" is an edgy dance-pop track without giving into any gimmicky passing trends.  Kylie Minogue remains the classy pop singer that she is.

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