Thursday, March 1, 2012

SSION - My Love Grows In The Dark

Yesterday, SSION released a music video for "My Love Grows In The Dark", a track from last year's Bent.  I was familiar with Cody Critcheloe's style through his collaborations with other artists.  The group's leader has a range of directorial credits with artists including CSS, and more recently, Santigold.  Always eye-catching, his guest spot on CSS' "City Grrrl" was perfect in every way.

Leading up to this video premiere, I had never listened to Cody's work with SSION.  I can now say that I'm addicted to Bent after watching the clip.  The video for "My Love Grows In The Dark" is pretty much the song's visual soulmate.  It's like Culture Club all over again.  Check it out below...

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