Saturday, February 25, 2012

War - At War For Youth

War is a Danish duo consisting of Iceage's Elias Bender Rønnenfelt and Sexdrome's Loke Rahbek.  While the band name may be a bit common among the funk and black metal crowds, their music definitely sets them apart.  It's a jumbled low-fi tunnel of noise.  The music is something between a raw punk demo and a synthesizer.  It's incredibly dark and rough, yet I feel the urge to dance to it.  Through all of the distortion, it also manages to be pretty spectacular.

The band released their three track single, At War For Youth, earlier this week.  The record is only eleven minutes long, but it leaves a lasting impression.  Honestly, War strikes me as one of those "love them or hate them" bands.  Listeners who are into music with a little extra fuzz will dig it, while others may turn and run.

The title track contains the most audible vocals out of the group, and they're still considerably drowned out.  "At War For Youth" also showcases the Danish punk side of the band most accurately.  "Kains  Mærke" serves as the perfect transition into the b-side, "Brodermordet", which is my favorite from the batch.  The closing song is more dance-oriented.  It's title translates into "fratricide" which, according to the band, is apparently a reference to Cain and Abel.  If you can get past that grim fact, then it's smooth sailing.

At War For Youth is out now on Sacred Bones.  If you'd like to purchase a copy of the single, you can do so digitally here.  For a physical 7", you can go straight to the label here.  Check out the stream of "Brodermordet" below.

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