Sunday, September 6, 2009

Flyleaf - Again

Flyleaf, the "alt/metal sometimes Christian rock" band, is back with the leading single to their sophomore release, Memento Mori. Known by the casual listener for their single All Around Me, Flyleaf had a strange mainstream success. Their self titled debut album was released in 2005, but didn't gain momentum until 2007. The merging of A&M Records and Octone Records and a re-release of their album may have something to do with this. After radio play outside of modern rock stations started, All Around Me climbed the Billboard Hot 100 to #40. In the end, Flyleaf went platinum and was recognized in the alt/rock and even pop community. While this boosted their appeal to new listeners, previous fans knew them to be a heavier band than All Around Me. Singles such as I'm So Sick and Fully Alive had already established a fan base of different kinds. Again leans more towards the sound of All Around Me than I'm So Sick. This may satisfy the listeners who know of them from their radio success, but it could also cause a lot of fans to be worried for a lighter sounding record.

Flyleaf has never been a band to release long songs full of complicated solo's. Their songs usually time in at the three minute mark, with a few exceptions. This song is the same. I feel that this is the one thing that really holds it back. It isn't developed enough. The verses seem cut off short, leaving the chorus to be repeated three times at the end of the song. Sure, each time the lyrics differ slightly, but it still feels repetitive. Other than this issue, it's smooth sailing. I was hoping for a heavier lead single, but it makes sense to release a more radio friendly single, especially if their looking to the follow the success of All Around Me. You won't find any of the "screamo" style singing as found in their previous work such as I'm So Sick or Justice and Mercy on this single. Still, I suggest giving Again a listen, even more so if you like All Around Me. If you only like the "rock" side of Flyleaf and are a little apprehensive, then you might want to wait for the release of Memento Mori.

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  1. I agree with the song being a little bit repetitive in the end, but otherwise, it's AWESOME. It has a total different sound from they're " screamo" songs. It was smart of them to make it "radio friendly" because that will draw in more listeners. Great review. KEEP IT UP!

    - Unknown Kritic. ;)