Saturday, March 20, 2010

Train - Hey, Soul Sister

All the way back in 2001, Train released their biggest hit, "Drops Of Jupiter".  This song was the band's breakthrough single.  The track was everywhere at the time, it even won two Grammy awards.  After the success of "Drops Of Jupiter", the band never returned to their position at the top of the charts.  With "Hey, Soul Sister", the band has updated their sound, and it paid off.

While the song has been incredibly successful, it seems a bit generic.  Not long ago, Jason Mraz's song, "I'm Yours" was a happy and fun hit.  I feel that Train is trying to copy this move.  They've created a song with cute lyrics and a bouncy ukelele.  It sounds like it's been done before.  Recycled songs generally aren't something you enjoy.

If you do enjoy the song, it can be found on Train's fifth studio album, Save Me San Francisco.  "Hey, Soul Sister" isn't a milestone in pop music.  It's very "sing-along" sounding, a novelty.  The band may have struck gold with the single, but if they want to stay around, they'll need something more original.

Leave a comment, do you think "Hey, Soul Sister" is too similar to other acoustic pop songs. Maybe you love the song. Let me know.

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  1. I actually caught myself singing I'm Yours when I heard Soul Sister the first few times. I'd give Train the benefit of doubt were it not for the fact that this isn't the first time they've done something like this. They were sued by and Indiana band called Old Pike (one of the former members is now in My Morning Jacket) that had toured with them before Drops Of Jupiter was released. Old Pike accused train of ripping off one of their originals that they often sound-checked with, releasing it as their own and scoring a major hit with it. Train settled with them out of court for "an undisclosed sum." Hmmm. Too suspect for me. I think Train is up to their old tricks again. Didn't they learn the first time?!