Monday, March 1, 2010

The Appreciation Post - Work/Sleep

Sometimes you just want to listen to some fun poppy music, right?  You're not in the mood for anything to heavy or serious.  If you're feeling like this, then you should hear The Appreciation Post.  This band from Boston makes fun synth filled rock music with a pop twist.  You might even want to call it power-pop.  Earlier this year, they released their EP, Work/Sleep.  From the start to the end, this album is packed with so much energy, you won't know what to do with it.

The album, which contains seven tracks, kicks off with "The Beating Of A Lifetime".  The synth laden song is a good start for the EP.  It correctly sets the sound for the following songs.  The album continues at a good pace.  Each song is a chunk of adrenaline pumped pop-punk.  This continues until "Better My Future", a short interlude.  I actually think that this track is one of the album's most memorable moments.

The band has definitely established a signature sound.  On every song you'll hear a quirky synth keyboard. They mix the pop-punk genre with a synth-pop, or electro feeling.  I like the sound.  They don't take the keyboards to an extreme, which is great.

I would check out The Appreciation Post if you like Weezer, Anarbor, The Academy Is..., or maybe even Hellogoodbye.  Their style is comparable to so many other bands.  You should definitely give the Work/Sleep EP a chance.  You can download the entire album from the band, for free, here.

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