Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pet Lions - Soft Right

Pet Lions is and indie rock band from Chicago.  Their EP, Soft Right, is full of fun upbeat music.  Their sound is extremely similar to The Strokes.  The only difference is that the EP is a little more on the pop side.  Although they sound heavily influenced by the band, they don't sound like they're copying them.  Upon first listen, I loved the opening song, "Roman History".  The synth bleeps in the chorus add so much to the song, very catchy.  The next song, "Propeller Plane", is a bit slower.  The vocals of Karl Østby are much more versatile in this song.  The entire album is very consistent.  "I Will Track You Down" is a standout song, and quite interesting, along with the opening track.  The songs vary from each other and keep your attention, something every album should do.  I would check out this EP if you love indie pop and rock, especially The Strokes, as I mentioned before.  The EP is really impressive.  The entire five song album is available to download, for free, on Pet Lions' website here.

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  1. I love love love the title of this album. It conjures up weird imagery.